Love was the beginning of everything
Literally, everything started for love.

Mrs. Rocio Bago had already a good reputation for her low sugar but still delicious pastries and cakes, when the need of baking gluten-free goods emerged ... at the beginning it looked absolutely impossible to be done. 

But there is not a good love which does not make an effort, and there are not efforts without results, and little by little she was finding new ways to bake cakes and pastries using flours made of almond, coconut, legumes, and quinoa, among others. At the same time, she was discovering new ways to substitute sugar by using fresh and dry fruits, to give to her products that delicious sweet flavor that nature has already provided us.  

And one thing brings another, and with her research, she was realizing that avoiding gluten from wheat and refined sugar are nowadays a need for everybody, not only for those to whom their doctor has suggested stopping consuming them. Those wonderful foods in the past (wheat flour and sugar) are now a product of the massive industrialization, that does not only are not nutritious but there are unhealthy and even harmful. In our Blog, you can find lots of information that will surprise you.

We are always looking for more nutritious foods, and at the moment we also have so delicious vegan hamburgers, vegan potato-cheese, our quinoa-oats-almond milk, additional to our big variety of cakes, pastries, and bread. Have you tried gluten-free products that taste like cardboard? You must try ours, you won't believe how soft and delicious are Rocio's creations. Her very own recipes are unique and so many ways because they do not only taste delicious, but they also have the right consistency and furthermore, they are nutritious, that is her motto !!!

We are a family business, totally devoted to baking products free of refined ingredients and chemicals, that will not only provide healthy nutrition but, because of their tastiness, from now on our products will be the only kind of baked goods you will provide to your family ... just as we do, it is how everything started ... just for love, every single product's recipe was created for love, to my love.


Mrs. Rocio Bago, is also committed to share her knowledge about gluten and sugar consumption, and healthy diet for the entire family, and she gives talks about those and more other subjects.

She also provides workshops showing how to bake and cook without gluten or sugar, vegan and vegetarian meals, and many more. Both in English and Spanish languages. 

Sharing and promoting a healthier lifestyle has become her motto.